A call to prayer (J.C.Ryle)

For Christians, prayer can be difficult, and it often feels like a task on our to-do list.
That’s why there are many books and advice on prayer.
One book I read while preparing a prayer sermon is a 2012 publication
that is concise and easy to read.
If you want to Korean version Click here

Book coverThe cover of the book is simple. It’s part of a series, and I’ve been looking for more books like it.

The content of the book can be divided into three parts: why we should pray, advice for those who don’t pray, and advice for those who do pray. The author, Ryle, divides people into two categories: those who pray and those who do not. This underscores the importance of prayer in Christianity, and the many things that have happened through prayer.

Ryle argues that we need prayer for salvation. Just as there is no royal road to study, there is no royal road to salvation. In other words, what must we do to be saved? Ryle says prayer is the answer. Of course, there are differences in systematic theology, but I won’t delve into those here. As Christians, we are called to talk to God through prayer. Without prayer, we cannot have a conversation with God, which is essential to our faith.

Ryle also addresses those who don’t pray. Some don’t know how to pray, some don’t have time, and some don’t have faith. Ryle argues that these are all excuses. However, if you lack faith, it can be difficult to approach prayer, so it’s not entirely unreasonable to say that it’s an excuse.

For those who do pray, Ryle advises us to keep praying and to believe in our prayers, no matter how small. Prayer is about asking God for help, and we should share everything with Him.

In conclusion, Ryle writes, “The only way to find true bliss in this world is to continue to cast all your cares upon God. Believers are bound to be sad when they try to bear the burden on their own.”

This book reminded me of the importance of prayer and made me feel challenged to pray more. While the book is short, it contains a lot of valuable content that is worth reflecting on.

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