America Looks Up (Max Lucado)

한국어 리뷰는 여기를 클릭하시면 볼 수 있습니다.

One of my favorite authors is Max Lucado.
He is not well known in Korea, but he has published quite a few books in the United States.
The cover is like this.

The content of this post is about the 9/11 attacks,
a very sad event that caused a huge trauma for Americans.
I remember when I was in the United States during that national crisis.

The attack on the World Trade Tower was a shock not only to Americans
but to people around the world. Afghanistan was implicated,
and the aftermath brought about changes in attitudes in the United States,
with stricter visa policies and airport security checks.

In times of crisis and grief,
people often turn to religion and spirituality for comfort and guidance.
Max Lucado, a pastor and author,
sought to offer solace to his countrymen in the wake of the 9/11 attacks through his book,
which draws from the Word of God and the experiences of Biblical characters.

Lucado’s book offers stories of people
who have faced tremendous pain and suffering
but found comfort and strength through their faith.
Joseph and David are just a few examples of Biblical characters
whose stories can inspire and provide guidance to those who are struggling.

Lucado also offers words of comfort to those who have suffered loss and pain,
reminding them that their loved ones are at peace with God.
He acknowledges the difficulty of facing unknown pain and offers answers to difficult questions,
such as “Why did this happen?” and “What is the purpose of suffering?”

Overall, Lucado’s book offers calm and consolation to those going through difficult times.
Its message of hope and resilience can provide a source of strength
and inspiration to anyone who has experienced loss or trauma.
In a world filled with uncertainty and hardship,
the wisdom of the Bible can offer a beacon of light and hope to those who seek it.

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