The Biblical art of narrative (Robert Alter)

Robert Alter’s “The Biblical Art of Narrative” is a revolutionary book that challenges the traditional diachronic interpretation of the Bible. Instead, it approaches the text from a synchronic perspective, focusing on the content itself without considering how it was constructed.

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Alter’s unique approach invites readers to view the Bible for what it is, analyzing it through techniques commonly used in the analysis of novels. He primarily examines the latter part of Genesis and the stories of Saul and David to identify biblical storytelling techniques.

While the book offers valuable insights into biblical narrative techniques, it also raises some disagreements, particularly regarding the JEDP hypothesis. Alter assumes the hypothesis as a basic premise, which is not widely accepted by scholars from conservative theological backgrounds.

Alter’s perspective on the Bible as a novel raises concerns about the plausibility of biblical narratives. He acknowledges that some stories are imaginative reconstructions of history by the author, rather than historical records. However, while historical events in the Bible can be selectively emphasized or interpreted, the idea that the Bible creatively reshapes history is challenging to accept.

Despite these disagreements, “The Biblical Art of Narrative” is a popular book among conservative and progressive readers. Alter’s attempt to view the Bible as a single book opens up new avenues of understanding and provides a fresh perspective on the timeless stories of the Bible.

In conclusion, “The Biblical Art of Narrative” is an essential read for anyone interested in understanding biblical narratives better. It challenges traditional interpretations of the Bible and offers a new way of looking at the text. Alter’s unique approach is particularly helpful for those studying narrative and will undoubtedly contribute to further scholarship in this field.

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